About Us


Our Approach

In todays competitive events business, we feel it’s more important than ever to provide your patrons with a safe and expeditious ingress and egress plan. PST will work with your management team to ensure your patrons have the information they need before leaving home and your support staff has the tools they need to make their trip seamless.

Our Story

After 25+ years of working in the events business in many different roles related to venue access management and seeing what processes worked or did not, I realized the need for an experienced team with backgrounds in traffic management, parking operations and layout, signage plans and gate operations. Creating a management team to work with principals, authorities and existing staff while enabling all departments to work together, following the plans and communicate in real time changes that may be required to mitigate issues as they arise.


Fully insured, ATTSA certified, and a proud member of the Event Safety Alliance...